Setting the Tone

I am hoping to grow as a person who is learning music and want to document my journey and milestones in this blog.  I started playing guitar when I was 17 years old.  Thirteen years later, I find myself asking “what the heck is the point!?”  I still enjoy playing, but I need to improve and learn more about this world of music.  The thing about learning an art is that you need to learn the rules before you can break them.  I keep moving forward because there is something in me that needs to be expressed for anyone who might listen.  And the audience, a key element when playing guitar, can feel what you play.  That is my experience.  I am not a virtuoso, but I have taken lessons and currently take lessons.  I have also played with various guitarists, drummers and musicians alike.  I LOVE playing with people because each experience is fun, and the rush and energy from that is marvelous.  No doubt, my heart always feels grateful and inspired after each practice, jam or lesson.  Currently, I am learning a flamenco, gypsy and classical approach to playing which entails theory, form etc.  I play an Epiphone electric and acoustic, and my most recent, a Kremona Classical Guitar.  I hope this sets the tone for what this blog is all about. 

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